The Better Golf Academy was founded over 20 years ago with a passion for the game of golf and the desire to simplify the golf swing and the teaching method for children of all ages. Our philosophy was simple: the simpler the swing, the more repeatable it will be.

By establishing a simple swing model and cadence, we’re able to have children hitting the ball accurately by the end of their first lesson. And that’s been our primary goal for over 20 years.


James Pugliese is the original founder and designer of the 6-step golf swing. A graduate of Columbia University and PGA playing professional, he’s taught children of all skill levels all across the country. During that journey he found that children have an innate ability to pick up the perfect golf swing and carry it with them throughout life as long as it was simple enough to understand and repeat. He then embarked on creating the 6-step golf swing and founding The Better Golf Academy, also known as the Better Golf Academy for kids.


Our goal today and beyond is simple: continue growing the great game of golf by focusing on children who can take the game & life lessons with them forever. Anyone that’s ever played golf knows golf is the greatest game there is to play for no other reason than it’s the only game you can play whether you’re 4 or 94.

Because of our long established history in the industry and the excellent quality of our programs, The Better Golf Academy has been fortunate to teach thousand’s of children and, often times, their parents. We’ve been fortunate to partner with the best and biggest names in golf and children’s golf products.

Our commitment is to continue to inspire young athletes to explore the game of golf by actively teaching and training at our Academies, Elementary Schools, host Golf Tournaments and more.


Here are some of the more notable accomplishments and contributions to Junior Golf by The Better Golf Academy for Kids over the years.

1989 – Developed junior golf programs and acquired signed City Contracts to teach junior golfers.

1990 – Develop the proprietary 6-step program.

1994 – Founded BGA and BGA for kids, establishing the Better Golf School and Junior Golf Schools for juniors and kids – offering daily, multiday and weekly golf programs for kids.

1997 – Founded The Better Golf Academy’s International-at-School After School Golf Enrichment Program.

2000 – Founded The BGA Junior Tour & The Better Golf for Kids Camps.

2005 – Founded BGA Sports & Entertainment, LLC for golf DVDs, training aids, and various forms of golf media for kids.

2006 – Produced “The Better Golf Academy Presents Better Golf for Kids, Volume I”. This DVD retains national and international distribution and is currently being sold in major retail outlets worldwide, niche stores & libraries. This DVD is currently on many Bestseller Lists and is highly recommended for Junior Golfers by many media veterans. The Better Golf For Kids DVD is used internationally by many junior golf programs & teaching professionals, including certain chapters of The First Tee!

2009 – The Better Golf Academy scores a contract with several Hollywood studios to teach many A-List Celebrities & their Children – for movies and personal development.

2010 – The BGA teaches & sponsors many prominent junior tour players including many VCJGA Winners and Top-Ten finishers!

2011 – BGA expands to over 20 territories including 3 abroad. Each territory run by a Regional Director/BGA Owner – Owners include a Big Break Finalist, 3 – Top 50 Kid’s instructors and more.

2013 – Bring on an executive team to grow & refresh the BGA brand, grow programs nationally & internationally, create and maintain a strong digital presence including ecommerce store & more.

2014 – Created a goodwill arm to BGA to become not only a leader in golf education but an advocate in the community. Our program accepts private donations and corporate sponsorships to provide free after-school programs to kids in need as well as scholarship programs for young golfers who help their community. We also host and run charity golf tournaments to raise money as well as work with underprivileged schools to provide programs.