For over 20 years, we’ve maintained a PERFECT safety record with our kids!

We make sure that your child learns the game in a fun, yet safe environment. From check-in and checkout procedures for students, to fingerprinting and background checks by the Department of Justice for our golf instructors, we feel confident your child will have a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Before we put a golf club in your child’s hand, we verse your child on safety. We review safety tips before every class. These are just are some of the many important safety tips our instructors use during class time:

1. Constant supervision at all times.
2. Instructor sets up safety zones before kids arrive.
3. Attendance is taken before every class. Parents and school officials are notified if child is absent.
4. Golf etiquette is introduced to fellow golfers.
5. Buddy system for breaks to the bathroom.
6. Students are taught to stay within the safety zone when swinging.
7. Golf Clubs are properly fitted to student.
8. Book bags and food are placed away from the instruction area.
9. Students are allowed to swing only when instructed to swing.
10. Students must exit straight back from the safety zone.
11. Students must check their safety zone.
12. Students must clear their safety zone before swinging.
13. Students must stay in inside their safety zone and not drift.
14. Students must not pick up golf balls when a classmate is swinging.
15. Students may only pick up golf balls when instructed to do so.
16. Students are taught to inform each other when someone is getting too close to the safety zone.
17. Students are taught to stay behind the safety line.
18. Students are taught to stay clear of golfers swinging within their safety zones.
19. Students are not allowed to throw golf clubs or golf balls.
20. Students must aim at targets specified by the golf instructor.
21. Students must keep two-hands on the golf club at all times.
22. Golf clubs must be placed on the ground when a student is asked to do so.
23. Golf clubs are handed out only when students are properly placed in their safety zone first, and after they have been given proper instruction on how to and when to swing the golf club.