BGA has rebranded


2014 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the Better Golf Academy. Beyond growth & expansion plans, we’ve transformed and refreshed the brand to not only bring us into the 21st century, but make us a force to compete with in the golf community.



The BGA logo & marketing materials haven’t evolved much over the last 15 to 20 years. If big brands like Starbucks, Apple & Volkswagen have evolved over time, we asked ourselves – why haven’t we?


The refreshed BGA logo takes the original intent of the logo, fun & kid-focused, and expands it by using a few key icons. The first, a crest, to symbolize a badge of honor & tradition to the game of golf. The second are golf clubs with a torch – symbolizing the idea of passing the ‘golf torch’ over to our children. This was a key component to our new look & feel since BGA focuses on growing the game and teaching kids right at schools!

We will use our logo in a few different ways and with a few colors depending on the need and use of the logo. For instance, in some instances you may see it with ‘FOR KIDS’ or without depending on use and context. i.e. after school programs should use the for kids, while tournaments can use the general BGA logo.


Beyond the logo, we’ve worked on the entire brand identity & materials including an updated color palette, fonts, overall aesthetic, etc. We chose an off-red as a primary color as it was part of the original logo and we didn’t want to lose our heritage, but softened it up to make it warmer and friendlier. All our fonts are also updated to make us friendly, but in line with an authentic golf academy.

We hope you like our rebrand as much as we do!


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